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Summary: Isn’t this what she’s always wanted? A Never Again “what if”. Title: Careful Author: Oracle Classification: VA Rated: PG Key Words: Mulder/Scully UST, alt-u, sallie-safe Spoilers: Never Again Disclaimer:… Read more »


Summary: “Why would God allow this to happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? Religion has masqueraded as the paranormal since the dawn of time to justify some… Read more »


Summary: A late autumn bloom. Title: Melioration Author: Oracle apollostemple@yahoo.com Classification: VRA Rated: PG-13 Key Words: Mulder/Scully Romance Spoilers: Redux II Disclaimer: No infringement intended. Archive: Gossamer, please. Email me… Read more »


Summary: Somewhere between “ashes to ashes” and “dust to dust” the cold crept under her skin. Classification: VA Rated: PG Spoilers: Dead/Alive Key Words: Implied MSR, definitely not sallie-safe Disclaimer:… Read more »


Summary: In the space of only seven years… Classification: VA Rated: PG Key Words: ScullyAngst, UST, implied MSR Spoilers: Season Eight onwards Disclaimer: They ain’t mine. Archive: Gossamer, please. Email… Read more »